Good design

1) Adherence to rules

The design is created according to certain laws. These laws are studied for a long time in academies, and then  throughout entire conscious life. Composition, coloring, history of art and architecture, and much more – all these  are the same exact laws as physics and chemistry, which are taken into account in the project.

2) Vision

Elite interior design, in our opinion, has another component – depth and versatility. It is not enough just to keep  the proportions, follow the chosen style, choose the right color spectrum. Behind the vision of space there must be  an idea that gives it depth. And every decor element used in it should reveal and emphasize this idea. Finding it,  deploying it in space, highlighting it with the necessary elements – this is the real task for a professional. As in good  painting, it is not enough to have one, even an excellent technique of execution – there must be something else  that makes it a work of art. It helps the viewer to discover something new in the interior every time.

3) Individuality

Design should suit the owners and match to their character. That is why you should not blindly follow the fashion  for some particular style; it may simply not suit you. Choose from a variety of styles the one that feels your heart.

Architecture STEM
Architecture STEM