Why is it profitable for you to work with us?

  • More than 14 years we have helped to create unique and individual projects, solve non-standard tasks.
  • Experience in implementing complex projects according to international standards.
  • The opportunity to order any part of our services, as well as the full development of the project.
  • Project support until its full realization.
  • New technologies applying in design, building automation and lighting control.
  • Flexibility in the choice of high-quality, modern materials and equipment tested by us.
  • Project cost minimization.

You do not need to hire additional staff or buy software.

The number of people in the project depends on the intensity and volume of tasks performed.

Services for the development of design and estimate documentation in various areas:

  • public buildings and structures;
  • educational institutions;
  • kindergartens;
  • sports facilities;
  • residential buildings;
  • commercial buildings;
  • shopping malls, cafe; restaurants, etc.

Engineering design of internal and external networks:

  • electricity, automation, water supply, sewerage, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, heating networks;
  • lightning protection;
  • energy passport of the building;
  • engineering design of fire safety system: fire alarm, sprinkler systems of water and foam fire extinguishing, smoke removal;
  • highways design of local significance and public use;
  • designing flood protection by clearing the river;
  • designing to improve the conditions for the reproduction of aquatic living resources;
  • estimate documentation.

STEM ENGINEERING - complex design of all types of work, which includes design stages:

  • sketch project;
  • project;
  • working project or working documentation.

The main task is to develop project documentation taking into account the topographic, geodetic and weather conditions of the construction region in accordance with the Law and Technical Conditions.

Our company develops most of the main sections of the project: master plan, architectural and construction solutions, engineering equipment, networks and systems, construction organization, environmental protection.

Development of design and estimate documentation is performed in Autocad, ArchiCAD, Revit.

Employees have a qualification certificate of a design engineer or have a certificate of a consulting engineer.


Good design includes three things :

1) Adherence to rules

The design is created according to certain laws. These laws are studied for a long time in academies, and then  throughout entire conscious life. Composition, coloring, history of art and architecture, and much more - all these  are the same exact laws as physics and chemistry, which are taken into account in the project.

2) Vision

Elite interior design, in our opinion, has another component - depth and versatility. It is not enough just to keep  the proportions, follow the chosen style, choose the right color spectrum. Behind the vision of space there must be  an idea that gives it depth. And every decor element used in it should reveal and emphasize this idea. Finding it,  deploying it in space, highlighting it with the necessary elements - this is the real task for a professional. As in good  painting, it is not enough to have one, even an excellent technique of execution - there must be something else  that makes it a work of art. It helps the viewer to discover something new in the interior every time.

3) Individuality

Design should suit the owners and match to their character. That is why you should not blindly follow the fashion  for some particular style; it may simply not suit you. Choose from a variety of styles the one that feels your heart.


Architectural concepts and landscaping for private and commercial properties

If you want to calculate the return on your investment, get a feasibility study of your project and form a conceptual design and terms of reference for further development of project documentation – you must order the development of an architectural concept.

3D visualization

At this stage, we first come up with and select harmonious combinations of materials, furniture and shapes. Then we model them in 3D, and we get a photorealistic image.

Working drawings

Developed in accordance with all norms and rules, detailed drawings of all elements of future space. Everything you need to make your project a reality.

Author's supervision

Control of project implementation at all stages of construction.

Ландшафтний дизайн

Paver LED - luminous paver blocks

Production of non-standard lighting fixtures – outdoor and indoor lighting


  • The STEM LIGHT department develops and implements lighting projects producеs architectural and non-standard lighting fixtures, wholesale deliveries of lighting and electro technical goods, carries out electric installation works.
  • For 12 years we have installed lighting for many industrial and commercial facilities, medical and educational institutions, roads and city streets, sports complexes, shopping malls, entertainment and logistic centers, offices and warehouses.
  • The quality of luminaires and electrical goods with a warranty period of 3 to 10 years will ensure uninterrupted operation and meet the most stringent lighting requirements for your facilities.
Lighting projects

We design and supply lighting for:

  • city ​​streets, parks, squares, highways and tunnels, parking lots, railways;
  • schools, kindergartens, medical and other social and public institutions;
  • sports facilities, playgrounds and stadiums;
  • production and storage facilities, greenhouses and poultry houses;
  • airports, ports;
  • hotels, restaurants, cafes, exhibition and conference halls;
  • office and administrative premises;
  • shopping malls, supermarkets, shops;
  • buildings, facades, cultural monuments,
  • control lighting; emergency lighting
Lighting projects

Lighting design includes the following works:

  • Selection of indoor/outdoor lighting equipment.
  • Calculations on the equipment of world manufacturers.
  • Installation supervision and targeting.
  • Measuring results.
  • DALI, DMX lighting control systems.
  • Selection of facade lighting systems, RGB, media facades.
  • Setting up and programming scenes, scenarios, schedules.
  • Installation

What do we need to start a lighting project?

  • Autocad DWG file - Building, house, floor, façade, road, territory plans.
  • Architectural visualizations - interior and exterior.
  • Type of ceiling, walls, floor for rooms, arrangement of furniture and equipment.
  • Type of building materials used for the facade of the building.
  • Types and sizes of plants for landscape lighting design.
  • Type of roads for street lighting.
  • Special customer wishes to selection of lighting systems.


  1. LED products
  2. INDOOR – downlights, spotlights and track lighting, tracks, general lighting, pendants, linear sistems, wall/ceiling/floor luminaires, lighting effect luminaires, LED lamps, emergency lighting, led strips, drivers;

    OUTDOOR –  pole/wall mounted sistems, linear sistems, floodlights, in-ground luminaires, recessed wall luminaires, recessed downlights, bollards, systems for residential areas, wall/ceiling mounting luminaires;

  3. Media facade, Led – screen;
  4. Paver LED – luminous paver blocks;
  5. Aluminum profile for LED strips;
  6. Production of non-standard lighting fixtures;
  7. Sockets, switches;
  8. Low-voltage, electrical equipment;
  9. Cabinets for low-voltage equipment;
  10. Cable, corrugated pipe, cabling systems.
Lighting design
Lighting design